Game Over Man Dual 26

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Two Core alien fused clapton coils are here at Cloud Revolution. Two Core Aliens provide the benefits of the fused clapton coil and the alien wrap while providing a higher resistance than tri core aliens of the same gauge of wire. Game Over Man Dual 26's provide the same quick response as the Game Over Man Triple 28 but with a little bit higher resistance to them and they have 6 3mm inner diameter wraps so a lot more wire mass for greater vapour production. Game Over Man Dual 26s are made in Australia with Wire Buddha Nichrome 80 which is genuine Sandvik Wire and respooled in Australia. No China Wire!!

1 Set = 2 coils

5 Pack = 5 Sets of 2 Coils ( Free Express Post Shipping Included)

Core: 2 x 26G Wire Buddha Nichrome 80

Alien Fuse: 36g Wire Buddha Nichrome 80

Wraps: 5

Inner Diameter: 3mm

Single Coil Resistance: 0.34Ω

Dual Coil Resistance: 0.17Ω


Rebuilding is for experienced users only and a knowledge of ohms’ law should be considered when building coils for Rebuildable Atomizer’s. The distance of the coils from the post can affect the resistance of the build. Always exercise caution building your atomizer, always check your build’s resistance on an ohm reader before firing it on any device. Coils that are touching any part of the deck, air flow controller or any part of the coil touching any of the atomizer’s posts can result in a short and can cause serious damage to your devices if not checked on an ohm reader before use. Make sure to use high drain and high amperage batteries when using advanced user devices.