When you buy from Cloud Revolution we value your right to have the full protection of Australian Consumer Law. However Not all products are covered by this generally speaking. 

Rebuildable Electronic Cigarettes have parts and liquid that are consumable upon use and because we are mainly focused on the consumable side of things and once the retail package has been opened or wire has been unspooled we are unable to accept returns on the following the products:

 - All Resistance Wire

- All Wicking Materials

- High Performance Coils once installed into an RBA. If you are unhappy with the quality of the coils in the condition they are delivered please email andy@cloud-revolution.com.au before installing them into your atomizer.

Please take care when using pre made wire and coils as they are very fragile so please use the utmost of care and caution when using these consumables.

We endeavour to provide all Hardware in perfect working condition. However we cannot replace a hardware item that was damaged because of user error. We will examine all cases of damage to hardware and if the damage if found to be from user error we will not replace the item and return shipping will be at the customer's expense. If the hardware was found to be faulty we will gladly replace the hardware in question.