My story starts like so many others who started vaping, at 4am on June 18th 2014 I smoked my last cigarette. I had my order from the vape store arrive earlier that day and was ready to quit. The next day I started vaping and had immediate success quitting smoking. About 3 months down the track, I felt like I wanted more flavour out of my vape and some friends that I had spoken to who vaped suggested I get into rebuildables. I ordered my first rebuildables and when they arrived I got to work figuring about the key to having great flavour and clouds.

Near the year a friend of mine who goes by the name fourteen0nine started building exotic coils and I ordered some more resistance wire with so that I could start building exotic coils. Everyday I built coils, watched youtube videos and scoured the internet for tips and tricks on how to build all these exotic coils. 
Some resulted in success, some resulted in failure but i knew the more I tried my success rate would get higher. 

In September 2015 I was confident with building some fused claptons I called Steam Trains while I was trying to perfect how to make Alien fused claptons which I would later call Game Over Man because the few I had successfully built had been the best vape I had ever had. So in October 2015 I started the Cloud Revolution and the rest is history.

For any help with Sales, Support or custom builds please use the following email:

Mailing Address

Cloud Revolution

Andrew Gourley

P.O BOX 2277

Templestowe Lower

3107, VIC