Cloudbar 30G

$17.47 $24.95

Ever found yourself modifying your favourite Cloud Rev coil to fit an application? Reverse legs, drop a wrap, add a wrap? We are gearing up to put the POWER of the Tri-Core alien in your hands from a DIY perspective. Introducing Cloudbar's ! The “sticks” are 14cm of Cloud Rev fury ready to be wrapped in any ID and direction you desire! Need a 5mm ID reverse leg monster? Make it! Experimenting with the best coil setup for an exotic tank? Make it! Each kit contains 2x 13cm sticks of Tri-Core n80 alien. There is something for any application with options like this! You have been asking for a long time and that time is now, it’s time for a whole new Cloud Revolution.

**All sticks are made from 100% Wire Buddha n80 Nichrome. This product is for advanced users that understand ohms law and the concept of coil resistances related to vaping. Building with too little amount of wraps/too low resistance can be extremely dangerous. Please check all builds on a regulated mod first.