Vaping Bogan's Trusty Triple


As you well know the Vaping Bogan has been using Cloud Revolution coils for a long time and unfortunately due to the new regulations coming into Australia he is leaving Australia for the U.K. In order to facilitate this move he needs to raise some capital for visa's and such,  I thought what better a way to show my thanks to a long time supporter of my brand than to do a bit of a fundraiser for him with his 3 favorite sets of Cloud Revolution coils with a bit of a discount on it for the punters. 

So if you purchase this product you will get:

One Pair Game Over Man Original

One Pair Game Over Man MTL 0.7

One Pair Aioliens

*  50% of the sale on all orders of this product will go directly to the Vaping Bogan.

** This product has Vaping Bogan Approval